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United Arab Republics
الجمهورية العربية المتحدة
Timeline: A Different History

OTL equivalent: Egypt, Eastern Libya and Northern Sudan
Flag of Egypt (1972-1984) 612px-Coat of arms of the Federation of Arab Republics.svg
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of UAR

المتحدة تحت الله (United Under God) (Arabic)

Anthem "هل الله العظمى (God Is Great)"
(and largest city)
Other cities Benghazi, Alexandria
  others Tigray, Italian
  others Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism
Ethnic Groups
  others White, Asian
Demonym Arabian
Government Presedential Republic
  legislature Parliament
President Hosni Mubarak
Time Zone {{{timezone}}}
  summer GMT+3
Calling Code 254
Internet TLD .UA
Organizations United Nations, Islamic Nations of Africa, Organisation of Islamic Nations

The United Arab Republic is a nation in North Africa, it is one of the two largest nations in Africa and often chalenges Ethiopia over its Continental hergemony. It also is suspected of having WMD's although unlike Ethiopia it is still a NPT signituary.

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