United America
Timeline: One Battle

OTL equivalent: Canada, United States, Mexico, Belize, Greenland
United America Flag United America CoA
Flag Coat of Arms
United America Map
Location of America

"We Conquer All" (English)

Anthem ""We brave patriots""
Capital New Washington D.C.
Largest city New York
Other cities Toronto, Mexico City
  others Spanish
Religion Atheism
Demonym American
Legislature Totalitarianism
United America is a totalitarian nation who occupies North America.


It was created after the Great Nuclear War. Washington D.C. was hit by a nuclear weapon and the former United States of America went on complete lock down. In 1967, the American government overthrew the president, installing a totalitarian regime. In 1970, United States invaded Mexico to gain complete control. In 1974, United States annexed Canada and in 1975, Greenland. Later in 1975, a revolution took place in Belize and America took advantage and invaded. In 1976, United States renamed itself 'United America'.

Life in America

The philosophy of freedom and liberty of the pre-war United States have been abandoned for complete government control. They is a list of banned or 'taboo' topics. Some of these contain:

Negative Comments about the Government


Outside World


Civil Rights


Politics (outside of positive comments about the government)

The nation strives for a perfect atheist, American, heterosexual, totalitarian utopia.





Essentially everyone else

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