United Amazon is a extremely large nation in South America. Founded in 300 G.A after all Amazonian tribes united under one flag. Today, the nation is in the middle of prosperity, with colonies expanding, factories producing large amounts of goods, and the economy growing at higher rates than before. However, poverty remains high, slavery still exists, and wages are low.

General Information


United Amazon has begun the transformation into a military society. Religion is very important as well. People play sports for fun like Armball, a game where two teams face off against each other. One tosses the ball to the other team. He is the pitcher. The pitcher will toss the ball to each of the players on the other team. If the player that was tossed the ball catches it, a player called the Mover will get to move up one square. When all the players on that team go, the other team gets to be pitched the ball. Same rules apply. The first team to get there Mover past the 50th square wins.


People in United Amazon generally believe in Spitzism. A man named Spitz was the leader of a small Amazonian tribe. This tribe was special, as it was the first Amazonian tribe. One year, the Barbarians attacked the tribe with overwhelming force. The tribe was going to be totally exterminated if they lost the battle, as the tribe was savage. The tribe was about to flee north. However, the sun went away and it rained heavily. Spitz said this was a sign from the lord not to run away but to stay and fight. Somehow, the tribe managed to crush the barbarians when the raining caused their river rafts to sink. Other signs and meanings have shaped Spitizm into the way it is today. It teaches about not running away, but staying and fighting and that if you can, destroy your enemy completely. It also teaches about multiple gods who manipulate the weather and other conditions, but they all follow the rule of the Lord, who lives in the mountains. For this reason mountains are not allowed to be settled in. Other religions include Christianity, but this is mainly among merchants from the East. A large reserve for all people not following Spitzism was created in the north, and people flocked here and created prosperous communities.


United Amazon's research projects are generally focused toward war and the military.


The Government is made up all states that represent their region. They all send a representative to the King to inform him of the current conditions of that state and his advice. In recent years, many smaller states have merged with larger ones as many villagers are moving to the cities.


Many Amazonians have pride that they have there own culture unlike any others. They are proud that they have their own sport, language, government, religion, food, and many others.


Pre-300 G.A

In the years before 300 G.A, the single Amazonian tribe out in the wilderness had thousands of people move out to look for better land. They formed tribes in the land they settled over time, and those tribes soon had people move out and settle other areas. This happened very quickly for unknown reasons, and soon there were Amazonian tribes all across the Amazon rainforest. After a few years of violence and war, the tribes decided to unite under one flag. Only one person could be the king though, so instead of taking over all the land, he decided on a system still used today. Each state would send an advisor to the King to give him advice and the current conditions in that state. Over time, some states united and formed bigger states because they were either barely uninhabited, or because of King's orders.

300 G.A-820 G.A

This time period was relatively quiet. People farmed, went to Church, and lived their everyday life. The Kings often just lived the life of wealthy people and thus problems like poverty were never addressed. However, they did solve some problems, like when states fought with each other and won a few wars that were fought (wars weren't fought often). Near the end, projects for colonization started, education reform began, and the navy was improved.

821 G.A-Now

In 821 G.A, two expeditions landed in France, and the other in Madagascar. These two formed the first colonies. In 824 G.A, a shipment of men and supplies missed their target, Madagascar, and instead landed in South Africa, near Antilia's colony. In 825 G.A, the English nation north of the French colony ordered that the colonists leave and give the land back to the Europeans. This would not be the last time a threat was made by them. In 829 G.A, the first English settlers landed north of the French colony. This caused the colony to start expanding South and East. Borders with the Incans in Spain were achieved in 831 G.A. Manufacturing starts to rise in United Amazon and in France as the population started to move into towns. In 835 G.A, an expedition team discovered OTL Turkey, but over concerns of a potential threat from the Incans, they didn't form a colony, In 836 G.A, after one last threat from the Europeans, they declared war. However, it was a complete success for the Amazonians as they were in there own land, had more troops, and were more industrialized. The UGS was allied with the Amazonians even though few relations existed between the two. For this, they are considered excellent allies and the Amazonians hope to repay the favor one day. In 837 G.A, a colony in Kenya was established. After this, they decided a French colony was too much of a burden. In 838 G.A the colonists moved out and went to South Africa, and control was relinquished to the Incans. Today, the South African colony is the largest colony, and it is hoped that it's borders will reach the Indian ocean one day. In 840 G.A, United Amazon joined the South American Union. It has stayed in the alliance to this day. Factories and railroads start to be built and the nation starts to industrialize. Several expeditions in Africa went out in 841. Also, poverty levels started to rise with the large influx of workers to the cities. In 845 G.A, the South African colony finally touched the Indian Ocean, and trade with Madagascar became easier. When the Cotton Gin was invented in 846 G.A by an Amazonian researcher, slavery became profitable again. However, the King, knowing that it is inhumane, slowly began to ban it over twenty years. In 848 G.A, child labor was banned, and a large increase in students attending school was noticed, though poverty was raised mainly because families had less workers to help get a check. In 849 and 850 G.A, free trade was proposed by United Amazon to the members of the South American Union and it was largely accepted. In 850 G.A, the Vulktarn colony was bought, and a large amount of Amazonian colonists moved into the colony.

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