The United African Allies, sometimes called the United Africa Alliance, the UAA, or just simply Ethiopia is federation of states in East Africa. Currently it is comprised of five states, one colonial territory, and a vassal. The states are Ethiopia, Nubia, Adal, Bale, and Makuria. The Colonial territory is the Kongo Colony. The vassal is Sudan. It is a Constitutional Monarchy ruled by Emperor Mengistu. It was formed in 1755.

Growth of the UAA Principia Moderni

The Growth of the United African Allies

Urban Areas

  • Ganananora (Capitol of the UAA, largest city, Population: ~2,500,000)
  • Gondar (Capitol of Ethiopia, Population: ~500,000)
  • Sennar (Capitol of Nubia, Population: ~200,000)
  • Nafka (Capitol of Sudan, Population: ~50,000)
  • Zeilia (Capitol of Adal, Population: ~10,000)
  • Baldar (Capitol of Bale, Population: ~10,000)
  • Dongola (Capitol of Makuria, Population: ~5000)

Administrative Divisions and States Rights

The numbers of Senators in the Grand Senate are as follows:

  • Ethiopia: 20 elected, four chosen by the Emperor
  • Nubia: ten elected, three chosen by the Emperor
  • Adal: nine elected, one Sultan of Adal
  • Bale: five elected
  • Makuria: three elected, one chosen by the Emperor, one King of Makuria
  • Kongo Colony: one chosen by the Emperor who cannot vote, and also acts as Governor of the Colony.
  • Somalia: Territory held jointly with Yemen.

The 60 total senators can only vote in Non-Military matters that are Domestic and Tax related. On all other decisions the Senate acts as a merely advisory body to the Emperor. However, after Emperor Mengistu's death, the Senate will have the ability to vote on these matters too. Sometimes, if they get approval from the Emperor, then State Senates can vote just amongst themselves on issues the Emperor deems to only affect that state.

In the Case of a tie, the Emperor decides which side will win.


The Official Languages of the United African Allies are,

  • Italian (the language of Diplomacy, and Government Programs)
  • Amharic Ethiopian (The largest language in the country)
  • Arabic

The UAA has the following religions,

  • Christianity, 36%
  • Schmittism, 34%
  • Islam, 25%
  • Animism, 5%

The UAA is officially a secular nation.

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