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Unionism is a religion practiced and spread by the various nomadic peoples living in the remains of the former United States. It started as a way for the various nomads to remember the history of their destroyed homeland, though it was distorted by years of oral historians adding supernatural elements to the stories to make them more inspiring for their destitute nomadic audiences.


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Most practitioners of Unionism believe that the former United States was created by a great goddess known as Libertas, and the Presidents were loyal servants of Libertas who ascended to godhood following their deaths. They also believe in an wicked deity known as Autocratas, who fought Libertas and her servants at every turn. Most major events in US history are depicted in Unionist lore as clashes between the forces of Autocratas and Libertas. Doomsday is depicted similarly to the Christian Apocalypse as the last great clash between Libertas and Autocratas. Aside from Libertas the four principle deities are Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln who are the deities of Valor, Wisdom, War and Justice respectively. The other deities are arranged in a complex hierarchy under each of the principal deities.


The popular symbols of Unionism are the five pointed star, the Bald Eagle, a stylized depiction of the Liberty Bell, and the Statue of Liberty.

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