The Cold War heats up...

The Union timeline takes place in 1994 in a world where the Soviet Union has become much more benevolent and has yet to fall, and where the United States is caught under the boot heel of a totalitarian regime, this alt-history will read a bit like a novel or a series of novels, with different characters and situations.

In 1963, after the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, anti-Communist politicians within the nation's government began to use the fear that JFK's death was a Soviet conspiracy to their advantage, stirring up anti-communist and xenophobic sentiment within the nation. In 1984, a Korean War vet named Henry Harris is elected president, beating Richard Nixon, and suddenly things start going from bad to worse.

Under President Harris - a paranoid egotistical man - martial law suddenly is enforced in certain parts of the country, including the 'Communist sympathetic' San Francisco Bay Area, schoolchildren are now taught from a very young age that America's needs somehow supersede those of the rest of the world, a sentiment summed up in the now-common expression 'America First' and Harris successfully repeals the 22nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, allowing a president (namely him) to be elected for more than two four-year terms.

Xenophobic attitudes also began to firmly take root, and the U.S. severs its diplomatic relations with China and refuses further financial assistance to Pakistani President Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, allowing the Soviet war in Afghanistan to eventually succeed. With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany in November of 1989, the U.S. withdraws from NATO, furthering its isolationist stance.

Meanwhile, in the Soviet Union, positive change has been sweeping the board. Mikhail Gorbachev's reform policies of glasnost and peristroika actually worked, the office of the President of the Soviet Union is established and the Supreme Soviet is reorganized into a permanent parliament, allowing Soviet citizens to democratically elect representatives for the first time.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact in 1989 the USSR joined NATO, ironically filling the power vacuum left by the departing U.S. In 1991 the USSR is reformed from the 'Union of Soviet Socialist Republics' to become the 'Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics' under the New Union Treaty, and quickly establishes relations with other countries, such as the United Kingdom.

But things are never easy, in the United States, President Harris has been claiming that since 1992, Canada has been under the influence of 'communist insurgents', who are now preparing to invade Alaska to gain control of 'American oil', in response to this supposed threat, Harris prepares troops to be deployed in Canada in an invasion to liberate Canada from the 'commies', in reality this liberation is nothing more than Harris' fanatical attempt to create a vast anti-Communist 'American Empire'.

Canadian Intelligence picks up word of the planned invasion and asks the United Nations for help, in response, both the United Kingdom and the now-reformed Soviet Union step forward, agreeing on a UN-backed military operation to bring down Harris' regime and stop the invasion of Canada.

On October 1st 1994 at exactly 12:00 PM, the same day that Harris authorizes troop movement into Canada, Soviet and British paratroopers suddenly land in major Canadian cities and establish defensive perimeters in cooperation with Canadian forces. In the U.S. the Royal Air Force and Soviet Air Force launch a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. On the U.S. mainland, Soviet paratroopers land in major West Coast cities, including Seattle, establishing a hasty occupation, while on the East Coast, Britain's Royal Navy barricade New York Harbor and soon establish a foothold on Liberty Island.

This is the beginning of a war of liberation ...

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