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The Union of the Socialist Republic of Slavs[Savez Socialističkih Slovenskih Republika] is a country formed in October 25th 1930, normal timeline.


In 1917, Communists took over the Russian Empire. Their leader became Lenin. In 1928, he wanted to expand that Communism to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria and some other countries. A revolution was carried out in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1929.

In June 1929, a world economic crisis began. In hope of rescue, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech and Slovakia Kingdoms, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and ten other countries joined the USSR. In October the 25th 1930, Yugoslavia joined and the USSS was formed. Their leader was Lenin, who almost got killed by a cold in 1924.

In 1933, a man named Hitler rose to power in Germany. He wanted to conquer Europe. In 1935, however, the USSS prevented him in taking over Poland and killed him. Benito Mussolini and the Italian Fascists along with the Nazi Germany formed a pact. The Conquer Brothers.

The second world war began on the May 15th 1936. In 1936-1939 a large section of the Earth was taken. In May 1939 the assault on the USSS began. Territory all the way up to Moscow was taken. The Conquer Brothers reached the Ural mountains. The temperature dropped to -70 Celsius in December 1939. The Conquer Brothers held this territory until 1944 when the USSS fought back.

On the other side, Japan organized a strike to Pearl Harbor. Instead they got lost and attacked Washington DC and New York.The Nazi Germans fired the three atomic bombs they made: two into the USSS and one to the USA.

In 1946, the USSS successfully pushed back the Nazi Germans and Conquer Brothers' troops all the way up to Vienna. The US attacked along with the British Empire.

In 1947, the Conquer Brothers lost Italy when a rebellion got up when Mussolini died from allergy to hair. Japan forced ten atomic bombs in the USA, and the USA send over five to Japan, but they were knocked over the Pacific. The USA pulled off Europe to stop Japan. In 1948, the USSS took over Berlin. But the Conquer Brothers remained as a country called UNS - the Union of National Socialists, which was in Turkey.

From 1950 the USSS was developing. In 1966, the USA recovered and started to get power in the world. The USSS wanted to stay neutral. In 1970, the USA took over the Western Berlin and started to make a wall. The USSS didn't respond, as Lenin died the last year at the age of 105. Josip Broz Tito came to power. He bent the USSS Communism to make it more western and free to people.

In 1976, NATO was formed, which took over Albania. The USSS, as a response, sent troops and took over a part of Greenland. In 1977, a battle began between Korea and China with Japan. The US helped China who could become a Communist country. China rebelled and sent over 150 nuclear bombs to the USA. USA sent over 1000 to China. Both countries were destroyed.

The USSS lived in peace from 1980 and the current president is still Tito.

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