Union of the Crowns (unofficial)
Unión de las Coronas (Spanish)
União das Coroas (Portuguese)
Unione delle Corone (Italian)
Aontas na Crowns (Irish)
Unio Coronat (Latin)

Timeline: Triunfa, España!
Preceded by 1598-1625 Succeeded by
Bandeira Federalista Ibérica (1854) Iberia-Italy
Flag of England England
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Iberia-Ireland Iberia-Ireland
Union of Crowns TE flag
Capital: Lisboa (1598-1620), Seville (1620, 1625)
Largest city: Venice
Other cities: Milan, Florence, London, Madrid, Toledo, Barceleona, Edimburgh, Dublin
English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Latin
  other languages: French, Basque, Catalan, Lombard, Neapolitan, Venetian, Dalmatian
Roman Catholicism, Anglican Church (official)
  other religions: Lombard Christianity, Lutheranism, Calvinism
Ethnic group: White
Type of government: Absolutist Monarchy
Area: area km²
Population: population 
Currency: Pound Sterling, Peseta

The Union of the Crowns (officially, though seldom used due to its long size United Kingdom of Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland, Italy and Ireland) was a short-lived state born from the personal union of the Kingdom of England and Iberia-Italy. In it's highest point in 1620, it controlled much of Western Europe and the Americas, before breaking apart because of Protestant-Catholic religious tension.

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