Union of the Crowns (unofficial)
Unión de las Coronas (Spanish)
União das Coroas (Portuguese)
Unione delle Corone (Italian)
Aontas na Crowns (Irish)
Unio Coronat (Latin)

Timeline: Triunfa, España!
Preceded by 1598-1625 Succeeded by
Bandeira Federalista Ibérica (1854) Iberia-Italy
Flag of England England
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Iberia-Ireland Iberia-Ireland
Union of Crowns TE flag
Capital Lisboa (1598-1620), Seville (1620, 1625)
Largest city Venice
Other cities Milan, Florence, London, Madrid, Toledo, Barceleona, Edimburgh, Dublin
English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Latin
  others French, Basque, Catalan, Lombard, Neapolitan, Venetian, Dalmatian
Roman Catholicism, Anglican Church (official)
  others Lombard Christianity, Lutheranism, Calvinism
Ethnic Group White
Demonym Antioquian
Government Absolutist Monarchy
Area area km²
Population population 
Currency Pound Sterling, Peseta

The Union of the Crowns (officially, though seldom used due to its long size United Kingdom of Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland, Italy and Ireland) was a short-lived state born from the personal union of the Kingdom of England and Iberia-Italy. At its highest point in 1620, it controlled much of Western Europe and the Americas, before breaking apart because of Protestant-Catholic religious tension.