Союз Советских Социалистических Республик
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Official language Russian
Capital Moscow
Secretary-General in 1919 Leon Trotsky (1917-1924)
Deputy Premier in 1919 General Josef Stalin (1917-1924)
Existence 1917-1924
Currency Russian Ruble

The USSR was founded following the Second Russian Revolution of 1917 (the First Socialist Revolution had been put down by the Germans). However, Revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin was killed while on his way to Russia in 1917 by German troops. His premier, Leon Trotsky became Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of the USSR and in July 1917, he declared the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics a "free and independent state". The USSR collapsed in April 1924, follwing the European Alliance victory in Poland, Byelorussia, and the Western USSR. The Soviet government was replaced in 1925 with the Imperial Government, led by Tsar Alexis I.

Occupied Territories and Puppet Governments

Of the invaded territories that were invaded before the war, all gained their "independence" under a Communist government. Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey became strong countries in the war, fighting on the Soviet side. The Democratic Republic of Arabia was a weak government, that fell apart due to the lack of a strong leader. On the other hand, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Hungary, and parts of Austria were united together under the Soviet Group of Forces Balkans (SGFB). The puppet states set up were also very closely ruled by the Soviet Group of Forces Bulgaria (SGFB), Soviet Group of Forces Arabia (SGFA), Soviet Occupation Forces Central Asia (SOFCA), Soviet Group of Forces Romania (SGFR), Soviet Group of Forces Scandinavia (SGFS), and Soviet Group of Forces Poland-Bavaria (SGFPB). The headquarters of the Soviet Groups of Forces (SGF) was in Moscow from 1917 to 1922, then Leningrad from 1922 to 1924. The SGF was led by the Commander of the Soviet Forces, General Josef Stalin.


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