Soviet Union
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Other cities St. Petersburg, Sochi, Minsk, Kiev, Baku, Tokyo, Osaka
Language Russian
Religion Eastern Orthodox Christianity
Government Communist one-party presidential-parliamentary republic
Head of State President
Head of Government Prime Minister
Population more than 300 million 
Established December 30, 1922 (replaced Bolshevik Russia)
Organizations Warsaw Pact, EU

The Soviet Union is the most powerful communist nation, and a permanent member of the International Congress.


In 1917, the Russian Revolution ended with the Russian Empire becoming Bolshevik Russia.

In 1922, Bolshevik Russia became the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, with the President of Bolshevik Russia, Vladimir Lenin, becoming the 1st President of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

President Lenin ruled until 1924, when he was replaced by Interim President Leon Trotsky. Josef Stalin, who led the Soviet Police, accused Trotsky of treason against the Soviet Union, and had him exiled from the nation. Josef Stalin was elected Soviet President in 1927. As President Stalin had died in 1953, the Soviet Proletariat elected Georgy Malenkov as the Soviet President.

In 1985, Mikhail Gorbachev became the first Soviet President to die, when a bomb went off under his motorcade. Vladimir Putin became Soviet President after him.


The Soviet President is elected for a life term by the Soviet Communist Party. The Soviet President is also the Soviet Communist Chairman, and he chooses the Soviet Prime Minister.

The Soviet Proletariat is unicameral, with one deputy elected for each 300,000 people, elected by the people. The term was to the Soviet President's liking. In addition, each Soviet republic chooses 34 deputies.

Heads of State

# Name Took office Left office Party Head(s) of Government
1 President Vladimir Lenin 1922 1924 Soviet Bolshevik Prime Minister Leon Trotsky
- Interim President Leon Trotsky 1924 1937 Soviet Communist Prime Minister Josef Stalin
2 President Josef Stalin 1937 1951 Soviet Communist Prime Minister Mikhail Kalini
3 President Nikita Khrushchev 1953 1964 Soviet Communist Prime Minister Georgy Malenkov, Prime Minister Leonid Brezhnev
4 President Leonid Brezhnev¹ 1964 1982 Soviet Communist Prime Minister Anastas Mikoyan, Prime Minister Samuel Nikolsky, Prime Minister Yuri Andropov
5 President Yuri Andropov¹ 1982 1983 Soviet Communist Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev
6 President Mikhail Gorbachev¹² 1983 1985 Soviet Communist Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
7 President Vladimir Putin 1985 Incumbent Soviet Communist Prime Minister Alexander Lukashenko

¹Died in office ²Assassinated


Soviet Union currently has 12 republics.


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