Run up to the British Revolution.

1917 - During World War I, Russia pulls out of the war as it experiences a revolution throughout the Motherland.

1918 - The First World War officially ends with the surrender of the Central Powers and the defeat of the German army.

1919 - The German Empire is reformed into the Weimar Republic, forced to limit its armed forces and has to give its Empire colonies to the French and British Empire. They also have to pay unbelievable amounts of reparations to the Allies (6,500 million).

Great Depression / British Revolutions

1921 - Winston Churchill creates the Union of Soviet Socialist Kingdoms of Britain. Churchill is a left wing extremist. He believed that Communism was and should be the most popular ideology in the world. The USSKB was an even stronger left wing party than the USSR, but the USSKB didn't want to associate with them (for now).

1923 - Because of WW1 the British economy had begun to slump and more and more people were looking to the extremist parties for answers. In the 1923 elections Churchill only managed to gain 17% of the votes in Britain.

1925 - Winston gained 25% in the British elections he was slowly becoming popular but not enough to lead the country. He need something to boost his ideas and inspire people.

1929 - The American stock market collapses the British economy plummets to the lowest it has ever been. America struggling to keep herself up right calls for all loans to be repaid by countries who have borrowed from her. Britain sinking lower and lower and her government not able to do anything, the British citizens look to the far left and right winged parties for help. Churchill sees this as a chance to gain rule over Britain within seven months of the wall street crash five million were made jobless and another one million homeless these figures would treble in the next two years.

1930 - The British government was in ruin with politicians screaming down each others necks, and dead bodies piling up on the streets. Churchill ordered has army of ex-soldiers to act as security for the royal family to get more trust from the leading bodies and gain more votes in the 1930 election but he only gain 30%. This year also saw the British empire lose control of Canada, Iraq and Great Britain controlled Somaliland as Britain just didn't have the resources to keep these countries going in its empire. They were given independence and the right to govern their own countries.

1931 - In 1931 the British Defence League (BDL) staged a parliament putsch, although the parliament security managed to hold of the league, but at high losses. The ex-soldiers of Winston Churchill came to their aid. The parliament members agreed for Churchill to provide security for the parliament building and still protect the royal family.

1932 - In the 1932 elections Church claimed 43% of the votes in parliament but he felt it was taking to long. Over 13 million people were now unemployed or homeless and even two million killed in riots and starvation. If he did not get into power soon, there would be nothing left to save in the country; he had to draw out a plan for his own revolution.

1933 - On April 22, 1933 Winston Churchill ordered his party members to gather as many followers as possible and protest outside the houses of parliament. When the parliament members couldn't take anymore they ordered Churchill's security to disperse the crowds but they refused and the British army was also protesting outside by setting buildings on fire. The British government had no protection. Churchill ordered his soldiers protecting the royal family to execute every family member, at the same time the security supposedly protecting parliament stormed in and killed everyone on sight. After the attack Winston Churchill made an appearance and said "I ordered this attack for the good of the British Empire !. I now vow to make the British Empire strong again through the greatness that is Communism".

1934 - Because of Hindenburg's determination to stop Hitler gaining control of the country. Hitler is not declared Führer until 1935 but he does become chancellor in 1934. Winston Churchill is declared leader of the Union of Soviet Socialist Kingdoms of the British Empire and ranks himself as High Chancellor. (At this point in the timeline an E is added to the USSKB).

Communist Treaty / World War 2

1935 - The USSKB doesn't wish its Communist empire to become part of the USSR. Instead Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin signed and set up several different trade unions to improve their economies and become better friends. By October of this year the two powers have signed the Treaty of Chicago which states that the two superpowers will never go to war with each other.

1936 - A United States submarine accidentally fires on a British battle cruiser killing 50 men. Although Churchill doesn't claim this to be an act of war he does declare the USSKBE isolated from the USA as he stops trading with the US and bans US citizens from being on any Soviet British soil.

1937 - The USSKBE retakes some of its lost empire by military action Somali is retaken and not just Iraq but the entire middle east Iran, Syria, Arabia, Afghanistan and Pakistan making the USSKBE the world's number one leading oil supplier.

1938 - A USSKBE agent in Germany finds out Germany is secretly rearming its military. Winston Churchill informs Stalin and both nations build up their own armies in secret, too. They also declare war on Germany, too, but do not publish it. They even sign a treaty with Germany to say when they attack they won't retaliate. This is just part of a bigger plan.

1939 - The German army rolled over the Polish border marking the start of the second world war with Hitler declaring war on Europe but before the German army was even 15 miles in to Poland the Russian army attacked from the east. The polish government and the other European nations apart from Britain believed Germany and Russia were working together. When the Polish forces couldn't hold out any longer they retreated and ran smack into the advancing Russians from the east who had taken the other half of the country without resistance because the polish army was in the west. When the two force meet in the middle they massacred the remaining polish forces but didn't fire on each other, instead they built two giant walls two miles apart straight down the middle of Poland the west half was Germany's and the east half was the USSR's, the two mile separation was no man's land.

1941 - France believed that Germany would attack them next and asked Britain for help. Britain claimed that they would remain out of the war unless any German troops landed on their empire's soil. Seeing France in desperate need of help American President Franklin Roosevelt sent the entire US fleet to the coast of France and sent up a battle line across the whole of western Europe right through Belgium, France and Spain with 1.5 million troops from all four nations spread right across it, was the largest battle line in history. On April 30, 1941 a Nazi assault force of two million troops, more than Roosevelt had predicted attacked through Belgium overwhelming the few thousand French and Belgian troops in that area. The American troops did a gate affect to slow the German advance through Belgium but took heavy casualties as they came under heavy bombardment from artillery and tank divisions. After the area the American troops had left to re-inforce the French and Belgian troops came under attack from another attack force pushing through France and encircling Paris while the rest of the force pushed down to attack the Spanish force. By this time all of Belgium was overrun and the allied forces were retreating to the French coast while the Spanish were doing everything possible to hold their ground the whole line had collapsed in a matter of hours. The American and French armies were backed up against the English Channel at Dunkirk, the American fleet got as meny troops as possible into their ships while under heavy air and submarine attacks they then retreat to the American east coast and America declares neutrality and backs out of the war. France, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Holland and Luxembourg had surrendered and five days later so did Spain and Portugal.

1942 - High chancellor Winston Churchill of the Soviet Empire of Great Britain secretly masses his Soviet forces on the coast of England preparing for the invasion of France. Russia secretly drops elite troops behind the border of Nazi-occupied Poland to sabotage the German wall facing the Russia wall across the two mile stretch of no man's land. On April 14, 1942 the Russian army masses of there border and on the 15th the British navy sets sail across the English Channel bound for Normandy. On the 22nd of April 1942 the British navy began bombarding the French coast and began their assaults on the beaches of Utah, Omaha, Juno and Sword in Operation Soviet Sledgehammer. Three hours later the Russian army blows up sections of the German wall and Russian tank divisions rolled over the Polish Russian border and pressed on for Germany, while the Russian airborne also made an air assault on Sweden and the British made an air assault on the German allies of Italy and captured the island of Sicily. A week later Russia had liberated Poland and had almost captured all of Sweden, on the western front the British Soviet forces of 500,000 men were three miles from Paris it would be surrendered by Germany three weeks later. In Italy the British launched an amphibious assault on mainland Italy and began slowly pushing up towards to its capital of Rome and is finally occupied by the Soviet Alliance in October 1942.

1944 - By 1944 France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Italy and Norway have all being conquered by the USSR and the USSKBE by may Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Denmark will have been captured to leaving Nazi Germany being attacked on all sides fighting for its life.

1945 - June 5, 1945 the only place left putting up a fight against the soviet alliance in Europe is Berlin, Hitler says he will fight to the death with his soldiers the last battleground of World War 2 will be Berlin itself. June 6, 1945 the Soviet Alliance set in action operation Soviet Sphere involving an overwhelming six million troops against Hitlers 50,000 SS elite guard and 20 tank divisions against Hitlers 100 not forgetting the constant aerial bombardment from the soviet air force. By 11:00am the city was in ruin. By 1:00pm the Nazi forces were making their last stand on the top floor of the Reichstag with Adolph Hitler himself by 1:30pm Hitler and his five officials were the last Nazis in Europe. After another five minutes of fighting Hitler surrendered and was executed in front of his family and Germany was divided between the USSKBE and the USSR.

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