The Union of South African States is a confederacy of several allied states located in Southern Africa.


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Foreign Relations

(See Geopolitics)

  • United States of America: The USA has a particularly strong friendship with South Africa. The United States is strongly in favour of the government of South Africa. There is also trading ties between the two nations.
  • Brazil: Brazil and its parent Portugal have always had strong ties to South Africa, although Brazil has grown even closer due to positive trade relations.
  • Portugal: Before the Cape of Good Hope was taken by the British, the colonies there where primarily Portuguese and Dutch. Transvaal and the former Orange Free State also had heavy Boer populations. South Africa's standing with Portugal was also strengthened after it acquired Namibia, the Cape and Botswana, the first being a struggling former Portuguese territory and the next two territories of their rival, Britain.
  • Mozambique: There is considerable economic pressure to accept Mozambique into the Union. Mozambique has considerable natural resources but remains impoverished. Mozambique is also a formerly Portuguese territory, giving it cultural ties with South Africa.


The government of the South African Union is made up of several branches.

Federal Branches

These are the branches of government that apply to the entire Union, not just the individual states.

Federal Executive Branch

Consists of the Chairman and his cabinet. Elections to this branch are held nationwide.

Federal Department of Defense


  • South African Army
  • South African Intelligence Agency

Federal Department of Natural Resources


  • South African Anti-Poacher Enforcement Unit
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Marine Resources
  • Department of Mineral Resources

State Branches

These branches exist only in their states. There are, in fact, 6 of each of these branches.

State Executive Branch

Consists of the State President and their cabinet, plus the State Assembly. Election held within the state.

State Judicial Branch

Consists of the state supreme courts and the judicial systems of the states. There is no single supreme court for South Africa, as the judicial systems of the states are widely different. For example, until 1989 Transvaal upheld segregation and different sentences for different races, and in Basutoland there is no jury, only one judge subject to review by his peers.

South Africa's police departments are part of their respective Judicial Branches.


The USAS has the strongest economy in Africa. South Africa has bountiful natural resources, including Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Coal and Uranium. Slave Labour was once a powerful economic force in South Africa, although it was completely banned in 1870. This and the acquisition of poorer Botswana and Namibia have increased the amount of poverty and partially devalued the South African Dollar. Approximately one quarter of all South Africans live under the poverty line. South Africa has thrived on Privatization and international trade, which ironically enough are the same forces which trouble its neighbors. South Africa has particularly strong trading ties to Brazil and the United States of America.



Member States of the USAS

A map of USAS territory, showing the different member states.

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