Union of South Africa
Timeline: Kings Reluctance

OTL equivalent: Union of South Africa
Flag of South Africa (1928-1994)
Flag South Africa
Location South Africa

Ex Uniate Vires (English, Afikaans)

Anthem "The Call of South Africa"
Capital Pretoria
Largest city Cape Town
Other cities Johannesburg, Bleomfontein, East London,
Language English, Afikaans
  Protestant Christian
  others Atheist, Catholic Christian, folk religion
Ethnic Group Caucasian, sub Saharan African
Demonym South African
Government White Supremacist Democracy
  legislature South African Parliament
Prime Minister Joseph van Derlick
Deputy Prime Minister Pik Botha
Population 40,102,038 est. 2016 
Established 1910
Independence November 11, 1948
Currency South African Rand

South Africa is a white supremacist, genocidal state which sits on the Southern Tip of Africa. The only thing separating it from its greatest fear (A Zimbabwe controlled Rhodesia) is its only remaining ally and a patch of desert and mountainous terrain separating it from Angola and Mozambique. South Africa's white population boomed in the 1990's thanks to heavy immigration from Texas which had recently liberalized. These Texans and what other racist groups like the Liberian Defense Force, and the Organization of White Development for Australia and Auckland fled to South Africa and Rhodesia. The LDF was a bunch of white immigrants who moved into to set up shop and mine the resources of West Africa from Texas. Liberia quickly became a State of Texas then declared independence following the 1991 August Coup in San Antonio. The LDF had to protect some 10,000 whites against two million Africans. The OWDAA was persecuted against after Texas' collapse. Mainly of these Australian and Aucklanders fled to Rhodesia as they did not want to deal with a bunch of crazy Dutchmen.

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