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Republic of South Africa
Republiek van Suid-Afrika
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: South Africa and Namibia
Flag of South Africa (1928-1994) Coat of Arms of South Africa (1932-2000)
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Republic of South Africa

Ex Unitate Vires (English and Afrikaans)
("From Unity, Strength")

Anthem "The Call of South Africa"
Capital Cape Town (legislative)

Pretoria (administrative) Bloemfontein (judicial) Pietermaritzburg (archival)

Largest city Johannesburg
Other cities Windhoek, Luderitz and Walvis Bay
English and Afrikaans
  others Xhosa, Zulu and Swati
Protestantism Christianity, Zion Christian Church, Catholicism Christianity
  others Atheism, Islam, Animalist and others
Ethnic Groups
White Europeans, English and Afrikaners
  others Black Africans, Asians and others
Demonym South Africans
Government Unitary parliamentary republic
  legislature Parliament of South Africa
President Marais Viljoen
Prime Minister Pieter Willem Botha
Area 2.046.652 km²
Population 30,110,143 
Independence from United Kingdom
  declared 1961
  recognized 1961
Currency South African rand
 The Republic of South Africa is a state located in South Africa and composed by the ex-South-West Africa mandate, now fully integrated info the territory of the Republic and by South Africa, is sadly knowed for his aparthied program again the black minorities and in general again with who isn't white. 


During the nuclear war South Africa like most of the other countries of the southern hemisphere was spared from the atomic war, but with the collapse of the international relations especially that at long distance South Africa was able to keep and continue relations with Portughese Angola and Mozambique, with the British colony in Swaziland, Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Bechuanaland, Basutoland and in minor relations with Madagascar and with the French Department of Overseas of Comoros, Réunion and with Mauritius.

The South Africa's government decide to adopted a economy based on the mixed presence of privates and of the state, and also of abolite all the import and export taxes and of increase the public works with the creation of new workplaces for employeers or encourage the joining at the South African Defence Forces at youngs boys. 

With this new line of government the economy grown for South Africa and the country enjoy a good economy and good relations with his neighbors, but despite this the South African population at enjoy of this grown was the white, the other minority woud be use only a little part of this grown, but also for their the tenor of life was going in up. 

New relations with old friends. 

In the 70s South Africa started to do his first relations with the outside world when a Portughese military ship woud be stopped in Cape City for refull himself for go in Mozambique at take the Portughese who wanna leave their ex-colony. From the words of the capitan of the ship they have learn what happend at the Estado Novo of Salazar, the country was bomburding by a nuclear missile and who hitted Lisbon, but despite this Salazar was able to survive and after have relocated the capital city in Porto he have decide to evacuate all Mozambique and leave that at the rebels, but in Angola the things are far more different then in Mozambique, where the government of Porto have signed a treaty of peace with the Angolan rebels.

In Angola all the Portughese forces retreat in the province of Cabinda, for his economically importance of the oil reserve, so the Portughese Army militarized the province and asked at Angola if they can signed a treaty of peace, and so it will be with the treaty of Luanda, the treaty say about the official end of the war between Portugal and Angola and the concession of Cabinda forever, the other colonies who are Sao Tome and Principe, Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde decide with a referendum if become indipendent or remain in Portugal, suprisly the 90% of the population of Guinea-Brissau decide to become indipendence, the same things happend to Sao Tome, but not at Cape Verde, who decide with a marginal victory of the 51% of stay with portugal and become authonomies region, and he have say currently Angola and Mozambique are in a civil war, and he have he woud be say at the general-governor of Cabinda about South Africa and the wish of the South-African government of restore relations with Portugal.

After have restore relations and have help Portugal in make more stable in the regions, with more cooperation between the Portughese troops of Slazar and the South African troops, but not only with military cooperation but with the agreement over various commerical treaty. 

The Rhodesian coup d'etat

South-Africa Provinces (GNW)

The six provinces of the South African Republic, created after the endend of the mandate over Namibia in the 1963.

During the 60s the South African Defense Forces help the politican Ian Smith, a white nationalist of Rhodesia at kick out the British forces from Zimbawe, with this victory Smith declare the creation of the Republic of the Rhodesia and the creation of a multi party system with democracy and freedom for his citizens, but he applicated a political system similar at the Apartheid like South Africa, in fact South Africa was the first partner of Rhodesia with Portugal and other nations like Israel or Cile. 

Relations with northern America was restored in the 80s when a United States military ship, the USS Abraham Lincoln arrive in South-Africa and stay in south africa for a week, during this week they have speack with the south-africans, visit Cape City and other important center and speack with the president and his prime minister, the capitan of the submarine who was a afro-american try to speack other then the world and what happend at the US, after this discussion the Capitan leave South Africa for continue his travel around the world.

Despite this in the 80s South Africa is one of the most developed nations in Africa, with a high GDP and HDI rank, but even with this South Africa isn't recognized or don't have relations with many african nations like Libya, Algeria, Nigeria, Niger and others. 

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