The Union of Socialist Kalmar States is a democratic socialist state. It has existed since 1879 and is the longest still-standing socialist state. It gets its name from the former Kalmar Union. The country was one of the first democratic countries though it was a one-party state. The Socialist Party of Kalmar was the umbrella party for all the other parties in Kalmar. Under the Socialist Party Act of 1901 it stated that 3/4 of the seats in parliament went to the Socialist Party while the 1/4 were for smaller parties. There were always far more socialist politicians on ballots so the Socialist Party always won. The smaller parties could never enter government but could voice there opinions.

The country was founded after the failure of the Kingdom of Scandinavia. People soon become angry at the monarchy and government and the capitalist ways were not working. The Conservative Party were not improving the problems of the Kingdom and were losing there majority fast in parliament. On 23 May 1879 Arnold Marx created the Scandinavian Socialist Party and went around the Kingdom making speeches. He proclaimed he will set up a democratic state were everyone was equal. Businessmen and landowners were outraged calling it a betrayel of the monarchy. The Conservative Party continually lost its members and 3 side-elections were held and the Socialist Party won 3 of them. Arnold Marx, Teresa Marx and Nordjin Yoldenberge were all elected to parliament.

The conservative party soon lost most of its support and soon the Republican Peoples Party pulled out and the Conservative Party had lost its majority. Instead of calling a General Election Daniel Ekdal leader of the Conservative Party he struggled on until 1 January 1879 when he tried to pass the budget. It was widely rejected and he was forced to call a General Election. This is often called the Peaceful Socialist Revolution.

Here are the results:

Party Seats before 1879 Seats after 1879
The Conservative Party 76 (456 seats in 1868) 23
The Socialist Party 3 721
The Labour Party 389 104

The election shook the political world. The Socialist Party formed a government with the Labour Party and Arnold Marx became Prime Minister. He dominated parliament and could pass any law he wanted. He passed several laws creating the new Socialist Union.

  • The Monarchy Act this act abolished the monarchy. The monarchy were transferred to a high security prison. The King commanded his army to attack the parliament and establish Monarchy Rule. Under this act however the Emergency Powers of the Monarchy were removed and the army was under the control of the Supreme Council of Security Administration.

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