The Union of Scotland and Ireland is a nation that encompasses 


Flag of the Union

Scotland and Ireland, as well as parts of North England. The Union was a result of a Scottish-Irish Alliance against the British in the War of Redemption. The nation is currently the most dominant power in the British Isles and is emerging as a lead superpower in Europe. 


The Union of Scotland and Ireland began following the Scot-Irish victory against the English in the War of Redemption. Realizing how successful the two nations could be if they were allied, the Scottish and the Irish began serious talks of merging the two nations into one. After months of debating and questioning the two nations' finally decided that an Act of Union, similar to the ones that had been signed with the English, would be the best option. 

The Act of Celtic Union was signed shortly after the victory in the War of Redemption. The two countries began the long process of merging both economies and militaries into one. 



The Union of Scotland and Ireland is ruled by unicameral government consisting of one Parliament of two hundred members and three Chancellors. One Chancellor is elected from Scotland, one from Ireland, and one by the Parliament.

The Parliament, also known as the Celtic Assembly, consists of 200 Members of Parliament, 100 from Ireland and 100 from Scotland. The unique set up of having an equal numbers of politicians from both nations has proved troublesome to political parties, who strive to find support in both Ireland and Scotland to gain a Parliamentary majority. This setup has prevented one of the two nations from pushing forward an agenda only beneficial towards one nation, as an agenda needs a majority to pass. 


The economy of the Union is mainly based on producing raw materials, including ores, wool, timber, and agricultural crops. These raw materials are then shipped to important trade partners, such as the American Union and United Kingdoms of the Netherlands. The raw materials are turned into manufactured goods and sold back to the USI. This is mainly due to the fact that the Union of Scotland and Ireland has a very small industrial base and has always relied on raw materials for its economy. The GDP is divided down the middle, with 50% going to Scotland and 50% going to Ireland. 

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