Union of North America
1762 –
Flag of the British East India Company (1707) Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom
Dieu et mon droit
("God and my right.")
America Fair
UNA locator map
Union of North America.
Capital Philadelphia
Official language English, French
Government Constitutional monarchy, Imperial federation
Head of state
1974 -
Lord John, Mississippi
Head of government
1997 -
Speaker of the Grand Council
Richard Santorum
Population 400,450,845 people (2011)
Historical era
- Albany Plan
4th July 1762
Currency Imperial Pound Sterling

The Union of North America is an imperial federation of colonies, nations, and territories situated on the North American continent. All governmental units exist on the continent with the exception of the Provinces of Jamaica and Bahamas, both of which are situated in the Caribbean Sea. America, as the nation is occasionally referred, is also a member of the United Imperial Commonwealth, a lose association of nations with Queen Elizabeth II acting as the Head of State.

Geography and Environment

America ranks as the largest nation by total area.


Governments, elections, and politics

American government is an imperial federation, meaning a constitutional monarch reigns of a federation of autonomous regional units.

The current Imperial Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, acts as America's head of state. In her stead, the queen appoints a President-General, who serves a primarily ceremonial role. Until 1956, the President-General enjoyed enormous power, including the power to arbitrarily declare war or peace with foes. The passage of the O'Neill-Hoover Act, with the consent of the British Parliament, severely limited the President-General's power to simply the ability to veto Council legislation. The appointment of the President-General usually comes upon the recommendation of the current Speaker of the Grand Council, a practice which began in the early 1900s and typically gives the P-G a more partisan role.

The legislative body of America is the Grand Council of the Union. The Council is a unicameral body whose members are elected by the people of the provinces and nations.

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