1934- us enconomy plumits along with canada

1934- a riot breaks out in quebec forcing a revolution

1938- quebec seccedes

1939- world war 2 breaks out

1939- a convention is held after both countries enconomy crash britain supports them

1939- they name the new country the north american union and the form of government a new kind of government called republican monarch ( a monarch who is at the head of state the monarch can only be from the christian church and it also had republic simmilarities

1943- nau joins ww2 on the allies quebec joins the axis

1948-quebec invades nau but fails quebec falls

1957- ww2 ends and nau grants quebec independece on a condition that they remain allies

1968- government ellects to go to war with the growing soviet union for oil

1977- the german empire helps them invading moscow succesfully

1978 - the soviet union is split

1982 - the new communist mexico invades the nau

1983- nau launches a nuclear bomb in mexico 23% of the population is dead

1987- mexico surrenders
 1991-britain and her colonies join with the nau to form a union of monarchs 
 2000- the union is great enconomy is at its best life is wonderful
 2001-nau is attacked by france 

2002 - but the nau counterattack by invading paris succesfully

2003- france is admitted in the union

2005 many european countries join the union of monarchs including italy

2012- the world is united under a monarch republic

2012- 4th of july and other days like that still happen again after prime minister winston lurnell the fifth announced we need to celebrate the old countries that lead up to form this great earth that is now in peace or is it?

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