The Union of Lublin is the unification of the Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

The Act



on the Union of the Kingdoms of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and of the Formation of the United Kingdom of Poland-Lithuania
For ease of reference, henceforth:
  • This document may be cited by its full name or as the Act of Union of Lublin, 1450.
  • The Kingdom of Poland shall be referred to as the Crown of Poland.
  • The Grand Duchy of Lithuania shall be referred to as the Crown of Lithuania.
  • The Governments of the Crowns of Poland and Lithuania shall be collectively referred to as the Signatories.

Clause 1: On the Union and it's Consequences

  • Hereby the Crown of Poland and the Crown of Lithuania shall be forever united into one Union by the name of Poland-Lithuania, and that the Ensigns Armorial of said Union be such as His Royal Highnesses shall appoint and the Banners of Poland and Lithuania be conjoined in such manner as His Royal Highnesses shall think fit and used in all Flags, Banners, Standards and Ensigns both at Sea and Land.
  • Thereby the Polish and Lithuanian Royal lands and treasuries merge into one.

Clause 2: Integration of the Lithuanian Nobility

  • A new expanded Sejm shall be created for the newly united realm, which shall include nobles from the whole realm (Both the Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania) and shall effectively replace the previous Polish Sejm.

Clause 3: City Rights

  • To accommodate the growth of cities in our newly United Realm, taxation is lowered substantially in times of peace. However to enjoy this benefit they must obey by the command of the King and pay consistently whatever taxes they owe to the Crown or the nobility in war time.

Clause 4: Official Languages

  • The newly United Realm shall have 3 official languages:
    • The Polish Language
    • The Lithuanian Language
    • The Slavonic Language

Additional Terms

  • Any cases for nobles that stand to lose from this Act of Union may be petitioned to the King and shall be adequately compensated as stated by the laws of this Kingdom, if provided with adequate evidence.
  • These Articles shall be translated into the languages of Polish, Lithuanian, Slavonic and Latin, and shall be stored in the Royal Libraries in Krakow and Vilnius.


His Majesty Wladyslaw III, by the Grace of God, of the Kingdom of Poland, King; of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Grand Duke —             Reichsadler der Deutsches Reich (1933–1945) Ungern Von Sternberg A Man's GREATEST Joy is Crushing his Enemies Lacedaemon

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