United French Socialist States
Unis États-Socialiste Français
Timeline: Fascist Britain

OTL equivalent: French Empire, parts of England, parts of the British Empire
Communist France Flag
Anthem "L'Internationale"
(and largest city)
Other cities London, Lyon, others
  others English, others
Ethnic Group French, African ethnicities, English
Demonym French
Government Communist Democracy
Established 1925
Currency French Franc

The Union of French Socialist States, often referred to as France, is a union of numerous semi-independent communist states. France is the leader and effective controller of all members.


See History of France.

Structure and Organisation

The UFSS is essentially a remnant of the French Empire. For this reason, a large amount of the states within the Union are African. Most African states are able to exercise reasonable amounts of independence and some, like ex-British colonies, are effectively independent in all but foreign affairs and currency. The European states consist of France proper, Wallonia and South England. Wallonia is considered part of France proper but is allowed a special degree of control after riots caused a crisis in 1968 and 1969. South England was reclaimed in 2002 after the British Civil War. It is considered in a state of emergency and thus is ruled straight from Paris.

Associated States

The country has several associated states in Britain that were once part of South England and Wales:

  • Wessex
  • Cornwall
  • South Wales
  • North Wales

These are strongly dependent on France, mainly economically. Wessex and Cornwall have expressed interest in joining the franc, however this has been very controversial in both countries.

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