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Union of Collectivist Republics
Timeline: Red Sun
Flag of Union of Collectivist Republics
UCR (Red Sun)
U.C.R shown in dark red

All Gathered Together (Munshiv)

Anthem "Hymn of the International"
Capital Sidolvm
Largest city Sidolvm
  others Dremond

Fredroc Ciang-ku

  others Northern Church of Stockdale

Ancient Cults

Ethnic Group Munshiv
Government Decentralized Collectivism
Established First: 2205

Modern: 2319

The Union of Socialist Republics is a very large nation on Ganymede, covering two continents and many islands. Rich in culture and diversity, its people enjoy a fair lifestyle and equality for both sexes. Its fair system has enabled the common worker to live life to the full.

The Union is made up of many sovereign countries. All of them are fairly represented and contribute equally to any matter, from space exploration to military developments.


First Collective

The USR was officially formed in 2157 (OTL 1857). After the collapse of the Novariana in 2199, the Red Vanguard overwhelming the last supporters of the old Gyaugin Dynasty. The USSR was headed by Ulanov Torvivich between 2205 and 2219. During its early years it faced immense difficulties in a nation ruined by years of poor management and war. As being the first so-called collectivist nation in the world it was not recognized by other nations for decades. After the retirement of Torvich in 2219, the USR entered a long period of a state managed economy in a severe form of absolutism. The 2230's are known as the worst years of the USR when forced collectivism killed millions of farmers in Drancshia. During the early years old religions of types were severely oppressed. The USR played a critical role in building similar regimes in the USE and other nations.

As the years dragged on the USR's economy built on forced labor began to stagnate and ushered in downturn in the 2060's, as the USR became pressured from fellgenic nations abroad, internal dissent came to a head, leading to the resignation to the last General Secretary in 2271 and the dissolution of USE.

New Republic

The next five years saw the short-lived Republic of Norvania along with a few other breakaway fellgenic nations - while the Socialist Party of the Norvanian Republic positioned itself to retake power via the Sidolvm uprising in 2276, as a reaction to unemployment and economic disparity. Afterwards, cities and towns throughout the former republics revolted and established their own communes, much similar to the Collectivism as it was intended by early think tanks.

Republics of the UCR

States of UCR (Red Sun)

The UCR is made up of eight Sovereign Republics. In the South, the Rus of Novariana dominate the continent of Thoron, alongside the Erebs of Saubia.




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