The Union of Clam Casares was a feudalistic republican kingdom on the Channel Islands. It was founded in 333 by Tribe of the Clam.


After being defeated in the Japanese Land War, the Clam tribe sailed east from Asia, somehow surviving the long journey to the Americas. It is estimated they arrived around Vancouver or Washington state around 325, but they sailed south looking for better crop weather. In 333, they reached the Channel Islands.

When the Clams reached the Channel Islands, they did not immediately agree on a government. Leaders of clans did not want to give up their power to unite under one king.


The solution: there were 9 casares. Each had its own casarche. They casarches could govern local affairs and deal with local problems, but the entire nation had one king. Whenever a nation problem arose, each casare would send their casarche to the capital to vote on decisions with the king, thus making it a feudalistic republican monarchy.

The king was also a bishop in the Church of the Sicans.

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