Union of Carolina
Timeline: The Many Nations of North America
UnionofCarolina No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
  others N/A
President William Haroldson
Vice-President Robert Daniels
Area 331,721 km²
Population 15,000,000 
Established 1930
Currency Carolinian Dollar

The Union of Carolina consists of the former CSA states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennesee. While the Union is not a theocracy, the Southern Baptist Church plays a major role in the Union, and is the official Church. As a result the Union is much more conservative than its neighbors.


The Economy of the Union is mainly agricultural and the nation is one of the poorest of the former United States. The economy is mainly agricultural, but textiles is important in select areas.

The Union is famous for the quality of its tobacco, and is the world's largest exporter of cigarettes and cigars. There is also a thriving liquor industry in spite of the Baptist Church's influence.

In recent years there has been much immigration from the ICMAG to the Carolinas due to the war. This trend has reversed itself since the signing of the treaty of San Francisco.


Carolina is an extremely religious state, almost bordering a theocracy. All elected members of the government are required to be members of the Southern Baptist Church. Gambling is illegal, as well as drugs. However, alcohol and tobacco are legal, and very popular. All forms of media are owned by the Southern Baptist Church, and there is one television channel. Until quite recently, television was illegal in the state, but the government has relaxed this rule in recent years.

While Worship attendance is not mandatory, most people attend church every Sunday. Carolina has the most restrictive Blue Laws on the Continent, and it is illegal for a business to be open on Sundays. Discrimination against religious minorities is illegal, but occurs anyway.

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