Part of Timeline (Canadian Rebellion)

History and Customs

Originally called 'la liberté pour les personnes", which was formed as a French resistance against the British after the Seven Years War. 

After the American Revolution, and many "Canadians" wanting to rebel against the British (They also had unfair taxes) the Members of la liberte pour les personnes changed their name, in hopes others would join in their cause. However, after a quick reformation, all French were exposed.

The Union was a very militaristic group.

Union of National Patriots

Flag for the Union of Canadian Nationalists


The U.C.N made up more than 80% of the entire rebellion. Many woman and children were f


UCN soldiers (left) fighting back British Loyalists

forced into sabotage to make up for the loss of men fighting at the front. Using any trick possible they made human shields, sometimes out of children to protect themselves. 

After the war; from a membership of 2500 it went down to only 750. They formed 

Secret Police

After the rebellion the Federation started to use them as a "special" police force. They pillaged, abused, burned houses, there were even rumours of rape. They killed anyone that was suspected of being against the Federation and to "freedom". Many of their own were also convicted of being "terrorists".


Following the fall of the Federation, the Union ceased to exist and any idea that they were ever there was destroyed, every flag, building (that was build by them) no one wanted to remember the horrors which the UCN had done upon them.

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