Union of Britain
Timeline: A Northern Wind

OTL equivalent: Briitsh Isles
Uk-buf Fascist Republic of Britain (Seal)
Flag Coat of Arms

For King and Country (English)

Anthem "Comrades the Voices"
Capital London
Largest city London
Other cities Liverpool, Dublin, Cork, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester, Colchester
  others Welsh, Scottish, Gaelic
92.6% Christian
  others Judaism, atheism
Ethnic Group 99% European, 1%other
Demonym British
Government fascist union
  legislature Prime Ministers Office
Prime Minister Nigel Farage
Monarch Edward IX
Area British Isles feet
Population 63,181,775 est. 2016 
Established 1970
Currency British pound

The Union of Britain was founded in 1970 but not officially recognized until 1972 after the end of the British "Civil War". The Union is a collection of "States" organized under a shaky fascist regime in London which is only held together due to the large presence of American military forces. The nation is run by Nigel Farage who was supposedly elected in 2007 after the death of Tony Blair. The Union also has King Edward IX as a historical figurehead. The ageing Oswald Mosley saw that keeping the monarchy could keep British morale high among the population. The British armed forces are a group of radicalized New Union Party members under the command of Mosley's ageing top advisors Stanley Jones, William Aaronson, and Marcus Rutherford. Other leaders of government besides the Prime Minister and the figurehead King in Daniel Smith in charge of the Press Bureau. Sir Richard Shirreff is head of the War Department in Britain. Shirreff was a distinguished senior officer giving ruthless orders to his men during an IRA rising in 1998. Other Ministers appointed by Farage are in charge of say Party Guard which acts as a de facto secret police and the Substance Ministry which regulates trade.

The Unions history began in 1967 when the shaky rule of Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Anthony Eden which had basically become a dictator. Soon that year the IRA bombed several building is London and Dublin proclaiming and Irish republic. The Royal Army moved with with tactical RAF strikes on Ireland. By 1968 the war was dragging on until a fanatical communist (name unknown) shot the Queen. Eden declared martial law and weapons were rounded up. This was followed by armed workers revolts in Liverpool and London. It's said four famous pop-stars barely made it out of Britain and headed to Australia. In Ireland the army was caught off guarded leading IRA insurgents to gather enough equipment and take much of Southern Ireland. In Scotland and Wales, nationalists rose up and declared their own republics in Edinburgh and Cardiff. However, these factions were quickly divided on ideology and continued to tear the country apart. On September 8th, 1968 Eden was shot dead by communist assassins. The "Royalists" quickly fell into chaos. Soon one man came to power. Still angered for kissing the election of 1940 Oswald Mosley quickly assumed command of the Royalist factions which became known as the Union faction. The Unionists were a combination of the armed forces, Royalists who had not deserted and the BUF, the British Union of Fascists. The BUF quickly became the backbone of the Unionist army. They managed to clear London of the communists and managed to get the Reds and Blacks to fight each other until they were exhausted. Picking up whatever weapons and ammo there was Unionist forces drove to Oxford and Cambridge meeting scared resistance and reluctant farmers who supplied their army. The Unionists had their first major battle when communist cells reactivated in London for two more years. In Wales, the countryside resembles no mans land and so does the cities. Cardiff has been blown to hell along with many castles. The communist Welsh use an old castle as their HQ. The Cardiff Commune would be routed out by Unionist troops in mid-1969. In Ireland, Unionist troops held their positions at a heavy cost, dragging artillery cannons out of museums and using whatever shells were left. IRA troops littered No Mans land on the routes to Ulster. 1969 was a dark year. The Reds sacked Manchester killing thousands. In Scotland, BUF aligned fascists attempted a coup dividing the republic even more. When Unionist supporters from Northern England arrived in Scotland they found genocide. In total some ten million people would die because of this civil war. By 1970 the Unionists had the upper hand but were still sighing through Wales and Scotland. Then the USS MacArthur arrived in Dover. The carrier and some escort ships unloaded American personnel and equipment. Soon President Nixon was flown out to London and met with Mosley. Immediately the two got along with Nixon supposedly calling him a "Handsome Bastard". Mosley was thought to have called him a "Clever tricky man". Tricky Dick decided to send arms and American troops in the Spring of 1970. Immediately Unionists forces defeated the Scots. Into 1971 Wales was taken out with much harder resistance. And in 1972 Union/American forces took Ireland. Mosley in London declared the Union of Britain and called for Edward VIII to return. When he did return from South Africa he died. His son Edward IX assumed the British throne.