The Union de l'Océan Indien (union of the Indian Ocean) ,otherwise known as UOI was the result of the 

         Union De L'Ocean Indien

       (Union of the Indian Ocean)

UOI flag
Capital City New Amsterdam,Saint Dennis
Denomyn Oceanian
Official Languages: French,English,Malagasy
Area 3308182 Km2 
Population 34,892,037
Government Republic
President Kailash Purryag
Currency UOI Rupee
Established 1974

unification of the Seychelles, Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, the Comoros, Socotra and and the Republic of Western Australia.  The nations decided to unite after Western Australia gained independence in 1974. The UOI consists of two capitals; Saint Dennis on the island of Reunion rules over West UOI while New Amsterdam, 300 KM north of Perth was built in 1980 to rule over East UOI.


The UOI was formed in 1974 when the former state of Western Australia gained independence from Australia. The new republic wanted to quickly make allies so began discussing a trade agreement which then began discussions to form a new modern day empire.

On the 3rd of December 1974 the UOI was formed. Although viewed as not economically stable the Western Australian government decided to help push the majority of their fellow states into the modern era. They built new hospitals, roads, telephone lines and airports.

In 1979 the country began to form a combined armed forces this lead to foundation of the UOI Aeronautics company and the UOI Shipyard which began to produce the countries own armaments.

The navy and Air Force was more of a focus then ground units because apart from western Australia all the states are relatively small island. In the same year the UIO decided to build a new capital in western Australia to replace Perth in a new location 300 KM to the north called New Amsterdam.

Although the UOI has two capitals discussions have been made to just make New Amsterdam the only capital due to the idea of the world becoming a smaller place.


The Perth Skyline


The UOI's economy was one of the fastest growing economies during the 1990's this is due to the exploitation of vast amounts of Oil wells in the Indian Ocean but also mining in Madagascar and Western Australia.

Other states like Mauritius and Socotra have gained advantage of these vast amounts of resources allowing them to turn into major international ports.

Science and Technology

Although no major scientific breakthroughs have happened yet in the UOI their have been a large amount of talks to begin a space program in the Victoria desert. Which hopefully will be up and running by 2024.

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