Hexia[[The Unification of New Zealand was an event in history based on a modern theory that New Zealand also came through a period of unification, like Australia did. However, perhaps because of the strong - willed nature of the people there, the unification was far less successful than that of Australia, and eventually came to nothing when the Collective invaded.

Other evidence for the unification includes the powerful resistance to the collective invasion at Auckland and Cloudy Bay. It is suggested that the tribespeople would not have worked together so much had the islands not been through such a unification.

No written evidence that such a unification took place has yet been found. This could be because of the violent nature of the Collective's invasion of New Zealand, and that the records were destroyed in some way. However, some historians believe that this may be purely because the Maori chose not to record the unification. This could have been because they had not developed a written language complex enough to describe such events, or perhaps they just did not see it as being important.

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