Californian Wars of Unification
Cali map 1986
Date 2 April 1984 - Present
Location California region
Result Status quo ante bellum

Overthrow of fascist regime
Creation of the Desert Republic and other puppet colonies in infected California
Annexation of the Bay Republic

Civil Flag of Northern CaliforniaNorthern California
  • Black Hoods commandos
  • Bear Guard

Puppet states:

Civil Flag of Northern California (2-3 aspect ratio)Desert Republic
Civil Flag of Northern California (2-3 aspect ratio)Los Angeles

CaliforniaBetterFlagBay Republic
  • Hells Angels
  • Knights of the Trapezoid
Zombie Horde
Commanders and leaders
Flag of California 1 (Night of the Living Alternate History)Louis Pittankel (C-in-C 1984-1986)

Flag of California 1 (Night of the Living Alternate History)Gen. Bill Edwards (1984-1986)

Civil Flag of Northern CaliforniaRonald Reagan (C-in-C 1986-Present)

CaliforniaBetterFlagVirgil Baal

CaliforniaBetterFlagHoratio Zen

300,534~ 334,098~ 5,000,000+

The formal process of unification beagn when the agglomerated terrtiories of the California region to restore the pre-apocalypse boundaries of the US state of California.


The idea of reunification dates back form the beginning of the apocalypse, in which the former American state of California was heavily affected. Unlike Texas, the state, when it secedeed, broke to two nations, the Bay Republic and the Independent State of California, which would become the Republic of California.

Early attempts

The first Californian head of state to irk unification was the communist dictator Albert Wood, who seized power after a coup in 1981. He dispatched a note to the Bay Republic for a referendum, but he died in an air crash before the referendum was planned in 1983.

First Invasion of the Bay Republic

President Pittankel again dispatched a note to the Bay Republic to join Northern California. The note was rejected and so Pittankel decided to declare war on the Bay Republic. By 1984, Northern Californian soldiers entered southern Mendocino. Some of the soldiers took up the flag of Jefferson, to which many far northerners affiliate.The North Californian ship R.C.S. Alex Mercer blocked the entrance to the bay and the R.C.S. Modoc prepares to shell the city of San Francisco. But the invasion was a failure.

Creation of the Desert Republic

The Californian Unification and Anti-Zombie Expeditionary Forces launches an offensive to liberate the California Desert Region from the Zombies and establish the client states of Mono, Inyo and Fresno-Tulare. The Desert Republic was created as an interim client government controlled by the CUAZEF and the Civil Emergency and Defense Agency to administer the cleared area and disinfect survivors.

Creation of Los Angeles colony

Successful, the Californian Unification and Anti-Zombie Expeditionary Forces in the Channel Islands launched an expedition to liberate the California Desert Region from the south to rid it of Zombies and were successsful, and established the client state of Los Angeles.

Violence in Los Angeles

However, the small population of northerners is heavily overshadowed by the locals, and a lack of supplies and aid from the north eventually forces the Northern Californian soldiers into a few small outposts. Their client state becomes centered around Edwards Air force Base, an important strategic location near the city. Hoping to retain their rights after the anticipated liberation, many of the local gangs in the city form the Republic of Los Angeles, as a rival government to challenge the North Californian occupation forces.

Second invasion of the Bay Republic

Meanwhile, the army mobilizes secretly for a second invasion of the Bay Republic. Then, on January 1992, the first stage of the invasion of the Bay Republic begins. Crusaders in the Desert Republic (a NoCal colony) are being armed with North Californian weapons, and deployed in the outskirts of the Bay Republic as guerrillas. By the middle of the year the crusader guerrillas begin to ravage the outer rim of the country, as far as Sacramento. The main army begins to mass on the border of the Bay Republic. Then, on November, North Californian forces cross into the Bay Republic. The main army begins to pour into the Bay Republic as their forces are weakened by the guerrillas. With greater supplies and aid from the southern dependencies and Deseret, the forces of Northern California are able to push through the Bay Republic lines faster than before. Later,a coastal landing is launched in Monterrey Bay, securing the coast after three days of intense combat. By 1993, The initial Northern Californian invasion of the Bay Republic is successful, and Northern Californian soldiers surround the city of Sacramento. By mid-January, The invasion was a success. A provisional puppet government is installed in the Bay Republic based on Sacramento. Unlike the original Bay Republic, it is a true presidential republic. In April, The Bay Republic is declared part of Northern California. Despite this, large portions of the area and the city of San Francisco, remain in a state of war. The government of the Bay Republic goes into hiding and the nation’s generals take over the war effort. 

more coming soon....


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