Unification Monument
통일부 기념비
The Unification Monument.jpg
General information
Status Complete
Type Memorial, mausoleum, monument
Architectural style Futurism-Modernism
Town or city Republic City
Country United Republic
Opening 1999
Cost €100 million
Height 120.0 meters

 The Unification Monument, full name: Eternal ​​Shrine and Monument of the Great Unification of Earth, is a memorial and monument in Republic City, United Republic. The monument was completed in 1999 an the order of The Great Uniter, as the Unification of Earth was nearing its completion. The monument was hailed by the people, but drew much controversy after the war was ended and the Earth Empire was dissolved, and the United Nations demanded the monument be demolished. Sandra Ascalon, the then President, refused, claiming demolishing it would be a waste of money after all the money spent on it.

The monument is also the resting place of Kuvira Laghima, which contracted even more controversy, with various nations claiming this was an insult to every person who died in the war, as burying her there seemed to glorify her deeds.

The building was built in the style of a modern ziggurat, partly inspired by the Hanging Gardens. The monument is accessible to the public. At the top of the monument is a museum that was intended to commerate the "unification of Earth".