The Uni-Khang Civilization was the first known Atlantean civilization, originating in present-day El Paraiso during the Early Bronze Age. Despite how Sumeria was going strong, the Uni-Khang flourished in the fertile Atlantis.

Uni-Khang City Location

The Location of the City State Uni-Khang

Origin of Name

Uni-Khang is Atlantean for 'Early City'. When the first ruins were found about five hundred years ago, the Uni-Khang were thought to be just a city state. Recent archealogical evidence has proven that, despite that the Uni-Khang used to be just a city state, the civilization became an empire, however, it was not the first Atlanean Empire

Uni Period

The civilization was established c.4,000 BC as a city. The city expanded for some time until 3,500 BC. The city was named Uni-Khang. The leaders were known as Khangants. The Khangants were originally unfair and selfish and cruel.

However, during the late Uni Period, Khangant Fior made reforms to the city.

Invasion by the Paragons

At around 3,500, the Paragon Empire, the first empire, marched ever closer to the city. By 3,500, the city was surrounded by the empire on all sides. The Paragons began to constrict. The Khangants took this too lightly. The strangulation of the Uni-Khang lasted for one hundred and twenty years before Paragus invaded the city. The first platoon was defeated. As the Paragons attempted to reinforce, the Uni- Khang began to take back the surrounding farms.

The second wave came two years later. Again, the Paragons were defeated. The Uni-Khang continued to loosen the chokehold. Another Paragon wave came, this time taking the countryside and storming the city. The Uni-Khangs lost and the Khangant was killed.

Paragon Rule

The Paragon ruled the city for about 550 years. During this time, Uni-Khang became a center of innovation and the city was 'Paragonized'. This included the destruction of the old palace and a construction of a 'governor's' mansion.

The Paragon Capital, Paragus, started to go downhill, along with the empire. By 2,700 BC, Uni-Khang was released. However, the area included the city and a hefty countryside.


The Uni-Khang began to absorb cities. However, the rein was just like Paragon Rule. This is why it was thought that the Uni-Khang were thought to have been destroyed by the Paragon. The Uni-Kang eventually overshadowed the Paragon. The Paragon were eventually taken over by the Uni-Khang. The Uni-Khang empire began to rule from El Paraiso to the Black Desert.


The empire lasted only 250 years. The empire began to fall apart due to lack of communication. By 1,900 BC, the city fell into anarchy and the Uni-Khang were no more. The anarchy resulted in a fire that destroyed much of the city.

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