Its been 70 years since the Second World War ended with the surrender of the Soviets in 1942. My name is Fritz Wilhelm, and I am here to give you an account of my family's history, since the end of World War II. I must elaborate on why this happened, as in august, the Wehrmacht attacked the Russian city of Stalingrad. By September, the Germans conquered the city, taking over 2,000,000 prisoners of war. The attack took the industrial jewel of Russia, and allowed the Germans a path to take Moscow from the south. In October the city fell, and by November 1st, Leningrad surrendered, and Murmansk was taken.

With the fall of the major cities, Russia was in turmoil, and the Soviet government set up in Astrakhan, was killed in a massive air raid on the city, along with Stalin. The war in the east was all but over. In December, the Russians capitulated, and the Germans turned their attention to the western front, Italy was saved, and the Germans pushed the allies out of northern Africa, thus, all that stood now was Britain.

The United States withdrew from the conflict and Britain stood alone, for a year they held out, but by 1944, Britain was in ruins and the country surrendered to Germany. These attacks left a victorious Germany, though Italy succumbed to Revolution in 1946, and Germany immediately moved in to protect it. Japan fell to the United States in 1945 with the dropping of the atomic bomb.

My grandparents fled to America, and Germany and the US stood together, one with the most powerful army, the other, with the most powerful weapon. However in 1946 Germany also completed its atomic bomb, and now the two nations were in a stand off, war would likely end the world.

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