This ATL is about world, where Přemyslids rule Bohemia and Poland to present days.

In ATL...

Wenceslaus III had daughter Elizabeth and son Wenceslaus IV. Viola of Teschen, wife of Wenceslaus III, must looked for the children, because her husband was hard alcoholic. After 6
Moravská říše

Europe in 1735

years, in 1312, Wenceslas III died.

Between years 1312-1326 rule Bohemia Viola of Teschen as queen Viola I. When the Wenceslaus grew up and became a Czech king, in 1334 he married Elisabeth of Poland, daughter od Vladislaus the Elbow-high.

Next years, he fighted against Polish states, but with some he allied and made Union of Czech lion. This smaller fights became First Czech-Polish war. It ended in year 1351. Czech kingdom won and occupied Silesia and some small areas. In year 1370 were found Dynasty of Silesian Přemyslids. This dynasty gradually controlled bigger and bigger areas. In year 1496 were founded Dynasty of Masovian Přemyslids. Branch of this dynasty, Dynasty of Wroclaw Přemyslids, is present dynasty of Polish kingdom.

After First Czech-Polish war, king Ottocar IV started war of Meissen and Bavaria. This wars are call German wars. United armies of Poland and Czech kingdom defeated army of Holy Roman Empire, but the economical situation of both countries became worse. In addition, Ottocar IV started war of Hungary after the death of Mary, Queen of Hungary. He won. His son, Břetislav, became king of Hungary. He was founder of Dynasty of Hungarian Přemyslids. But in 1529 died last Hungarian Přemyslid, Ladislaus IX.

This wars were very negative for economy of Bohemia. Though the Přemyslids made big empire, they didn´t exploit their wealth (like silver from Kutná Hora) on good intentions. Czech state came into crisis, which lasted to year 1735, when Moravia declared independent and created union with Hungary - Second Moravian empire. Then breaked out war, which lasted to year 1748. Moravia won. But between Moravia and Bohemia started cold war. It lasted to year 1922, when was kill whole royal family and Moravia was connected with Bohemia.

In 1935, break out Great Atlantic War. Union, Bohemia, Hungary, Russia and Ottoman Empire, fighted against Allies, Holy Roman Empire, France, Italy, Great Britain and Nordic Union, due to dispused lands in New World. War lasted to year 1941, when was declare Peace of Berlin. Lands in New World were divided between France, Great Britain, Russia, Italy and Nordic Union.

Now, in year 2014, Bohemia is an European superpower.

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