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There will be two POD, the first is that there a group of islands in the middle of the "Dead Zone" of the Southern Pacific Gyre. The second would be, the United Nation did created a Peacekeeping/Peacemaking Force (Military Staff Committee) as is stated in the UN Charter (Article 26 and Chapter VII, Article 47). Uncle Nat's Enlighten Friends is AKA of the United Nation Elite Force, the UN secret International Peacemaking Force whose base is located in the SPG-DZ (Southern Pacific Gyre - Dead Zone), these group of islands are called "Peace Islands", an archipelago group of 22 island.

The Peace Island Formation

The 21 islands that encircled by two barrier reef/walls: the outer reef/wall that engulf all of them and an inner reef/wall that protect the inner island. One island, Freedom islands is outside both barrier reef/walls to the east.

The Organization of the Rough Riders

There are five branches of Rough Riders:

  1. Terrain (Army)
  2. Aquatic (Navy)
  3. Arial (Air Force)
  4. Amphibians (Marines)
  5. Guardsmen (Coast Guard/Military Police/Gendarmerie)

The military unit will follow the basic hierarchy of the modern militaries of the world with some changes that is unique to its different organization. The Terrain and Amphibian follow the same hierarchy, while the Guardsmen are the hybrid of all four other branches, because they are land/air/maritime law enforcement, and search & rescue, Military Criminal/Intelligence Investigative Organizations. The Arial and Aquatic will closer to there hierarchy of their respected branches.

Terrain (Army)

The Hierarchy starts form the basic unit.


The technology of the island will evolve from a German (Prussian) Victorian period technology (Steampunk, 1820-1910), with a Teslapunk influence for the power base, evolve into a Nazi-Sino Militaristic Dieselpunk (1920-1945), and dash of Biopunk (for the genetic manipulation and recombinent DNA), with the early stages of Atompuck. The use of analog and mechanical computers, with the early stages of digital technology.



Luftflugzeugtrager (Helicarrier)

Under the Amerika Bomber project, a concept tried to achieve in Germany with Daimler-Benz Project C. But, Peace Island base was able to create. Still working on the names.

  1. KMS Immelmann (formally known now) UNS Nor Amer
  2. KMS Boelcke (formally known now) UNS Sou Amer
  3. KMS von Richthofen (formally known now) UNS Europa
  4. KMS Loeenhardt (formally known now) UNS Asia
  5. KMS Udet (formally known now) UNS Africa
  6. KMS Goring (formally known now) UNS Oceania
  7. KMS (For Ace of Aces of WWII)(formally known now) UNS Antarctica


Unterseestrager (U-strager) SeaCarrier

Other then the Nautilus that was built in 1880, the other SeaCarriers where built in 1943 to 1945, they were designed to carry eight submarines (four U-boat, four Japanese I-series), 16 bow torpedo tubs forward, four dual rotating torpedo tubs station (two port side, two starboard) as on the Nautilus; four aft torpedo tubes. 24 Aichi M6A1 Seiran sea-planes launcher on the top or deck. With modernization the four central bays were converted to hold two Russian "Ahyna" or (NATO reported name: Typhoon) class submarine; with four modern submarine on either side of the SeaCarrier (two port, two starboard). The 24 sea-plane launch pad deck where converted to hold two squadron of 24 mini-attack submarines (18 "Stingray" subfighter, six "Hydra" subbombers). The Typhoon missile launch tubs where converted to (VLS) vertical launch system, one tube can had a cluster of seven Tomahawk cruise missiles or 140 missiles can be launched at one time per sub, all with conventional warhead. SC stated that there were to many nukes already, so why make more.

  1. SM U Nautilus (1880)[1[1]]
  • Crew: 201
  • Length: 382 feet
  • Speed: 19 knots
  • Weight: 18,750 tons (in dry dock)
  1. (KM U formally known, now) UNS Aspidochelone
  2. (KM U formally known, now) UNS Iku Turso
  3. (KM U formally known, now) UNS Lavathon
  4. (KM U formally known, now) UNS Maelstum
  5. (KM U formally known, now) UNS Kraken
  6. (KM U formally known, now) UNS Tiamat
  7. (KM U formally known, now) UNS Jormungandr




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