Young Henry the 8th
Henry the Eight was a leader known for his six scandalous marriages and his infamous desire for a son, causing rifts between him and the church and setting England on a path of isolationism which would eventually lead to greatness. But here we explore (in CYOAH style) what would have happened if on the night Henry the Eight was conceived, his competition won out.

Don't get me? Basically another one of the millions of, ahem, sperm had won and fertilised the egg. What would we have? Almost definitely a different British destiny.

However, it's not over yet. In this timeline you get to choose the path of this new Henry. Choose which one of Henry's competitors wins out:

  1. Number One
  2. Number Two
  3. Number Three
  4. Number Four

Well, as you can see, the style of this TL is very inspired by CYOAH, but it will have some resemblance to a TL once it is finished. Why this form? Well, because it would be the easiest to build on and a timeline would be developed on the alternate Henry's exploits.

Read on. 

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