União de Nações Sulamericanas

Unión de Naciones Suramericanas
Union of South American Nations

Unie van Zuid-Amerikaanse Naties

Flag of UNASUR.svg
CapitalMauritsstad, Brazil (Secretariat)
Santos, San Paulo (Parliament)
Largest city San Paulo, San Paulo
Official languages Spanish
Demonym South American
Type Continental union
Membership Flag of the Argentine Confederation Argentina

Flag of Brazil (Paranhos project)Brazil
Flag of Chile (1812-1814)Chile
Boliviaparaguayanrepublicflag Guaraní Republic
Flag of New Granada (1811-1814) New Granada
Flag of the Kingdom of Araucanía and Patagonia Patagonia
Flag of Peru (1821 - 1822) San Martin
Flagsaopaulov3 San Paulo

US flag with 50 stars by Hellerick USA (since 1997)
 -  President Fernando Collor
 -  General-secretary Andrei Peres
Legislature South American Parliament
Establishment Formation
 -  Creation of South American Union 27 February 1827 
 -  Embargo for the Guaraní Republic Republic. 01 January 1865 
 -  General Industrialization of the Nations 12 April 1904 
 -  Division of the Organization due to the Great War. 25 November 1916 
 -  Division of the Organization due to the Second World War. 31 March 1942 
 -  Banishment from the United States of the SAU 16 October 1955 
 -  Creation of UNASUR and Declaration of Porto Alegre 06 February 1996 
 -  Reintegration of the United States of the Organization 29 November 1997 
 -  Total 29,884,548 km2
11,538,423 sq mi
 -  Water(%) 8.91
 -  2015 estimate 418,175,687
The Union of South American Nations (Spanish: Unión de Naciones Sudamericanas, UNASUR; Portuguese: União de Nações Sul-Americanas, UNASUL; Dutch: Unie van Zuid-Amerikaanse Naties, UZAN) is an intergovernmental regional organization comprising 9 South American countries and the USA.


I Congress

II Congress

III Congress: Suspension of the South American Union due to the Great South-American War

The Third Congress of the South American Union on January 10, 1865 determined the temporary ban on the Guaraní Republic and the suspension of the Organization.

IV Congress: Territorial reorganization in South America postwar

V Congress

VI Congress

VII Congress

VIII Congress: Referendum for the creation of the Amazon Republic

On December 7, 1948, was the first post-war Congress, which would determine the creation of a nation where the Amazon Basin. Originally, the project would be voted in 1941, but due to World War II, had to be delayed.

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