Umm Qasr was the second colony in Ard Marjhoola, and the second for the Caliphate of Córdoba. It was colonised in 942, 9 years after the first colony, New Córdoba. Its planned role was as its name suggested: Mother of Castles. Umm Qasr would be the foundation of order in the new Continent, and act if necessary (and which it did) as the headquarters for Córdobian Military affairs in the new world.

Unlike the success of its predecessor, Umm Qasr failed to start up self-sufficiently. This was attributed to the "large" starting population of 60 which included several acting servicemen. The town was built with the help of the builders and fellow labourers from New Córdoba, and the crew of the two ships carrying supplies and the colonisers for the town. Its larger population size required more food, which was badly approximated prior to setting sail, and required its residents to forage totally unknown fruits nearby, and rely on scraps that New Córdoba could provide.

When Umm Qasr finally got on its own feet, it got to work on fortifications and a barracks to increase the active servicemen available in the new continent. It also produced the first Jail in the colonies, which later became a high security prison. The prison was rumoured to be extremely tough and hard going, with strict rationing for inmates to not effect the food supply for other colonisers.

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