Umingmak Nuna
Land of Muskox
— Province of Greenland
Timeline: Vikings in the New World

OTL equivalent: Ellesmere Island
Umingmak Nuna Flag VINW
Flag of Umingmak Nuna
Population 1,201 
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Umingmak Nuna is the only island province of Greenland, and the second-northernmost.


Originally settled by rogue Vinlandic settlers in the late-1200's, what would later become Umingmak Nuna was named "Arvidbjod", after the captain of an expedition to the region. Multiple small settlements were settled, but none survived past the first winter. Many died, while others simply fled back to the mainland. It was simply too cold to live in, at least at the time. Barely any more contact was made until Greenland and Vinland signed the Arctic Treaty of 1695, when the islands in the north were divided up. Greenland wanted more than just their mainland region, so Vinland agreed to give up Arvidbjod.

It was promptly renamed Umingmak Nuna, simply because it was what the Inuit called it. Small settlements were founded, but only two survived the first fifty years. These two towns were Pissimayok (meaning "is done") and Okrilayok (meaning "is swift"). However, Okrilayok fell by 1815, leaving Pissimayok as the only small settlement on the island, until the early-1900's. Multiple civilian settlements were founded as technology grew to accommodate them, and many scientific sites accompanied them. Qitiraliq Siqinik was the main base on Umingmak Nuna, and had a summer population of 32 at its peak in 1954. Today, the population of Pissimayok is around 589, and the total population of Umingmak Nuna has settled around 1,201.

Umingmak Nuna VINW