Ulysses S. Grant became president in 1874.

First Term

Santo Domingo Annexation

The United States annexed the Dominican Republic in 1877 after having missed the opportunity 7 years earlier due to the Civil War. It is added as a state.


Grant helped the economy recover by reducing the debt through selling the gold surplus and buying back war bonds.

15th Amendment Passes

The 15th amendment passes giving minorities and women the right to vote. The remaining state military governments are abolished. However, federal troops remain to protect against violence against Republicans and minorities.

Second Term

In 1878 Ulysses S Grant wins the election against Samuel Tilden.

Chinese Exclusion Act

Chinese are excluded from immigration.

Death of VP

Matthew Carpenter dies in 1881 and is replaced with Chester Arthur in 1883.

Presidential Succession Act

In 1881 the presidential succession act is revised to remove the president pro tempore and speaker of the house from the line of succession instead going from the vice president to the cabinet, starting with Secretary of State. The concern comes out of the fact that the two offices are at the time empty.

Third Term

In 1882, Ulysses S Grant successfully wins a third term running against Winfield Hancock.

Civil Rights Cases

In 1883 several civil rights cases go forward. While the Supreme Court rules that discrimination by private actors is constitutional, it strikes down de jure discrimination, including segregation. In the meantime though southern states had become less racist as a result of mass migration between the southern states and the state of Santo Domingo.

Nicaragua Canal Treaty

A treaty allowing the United States to construct a canal through Nicaragua was passed.

Berlin Conference Treaty

The United States made sure its economic interests in the Congo would be protected in the Berlin Conference treaty.


Ulysses S Grant dies in 1885 and is succeeded by Chester Arthur.

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