Ulysses Grant
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Ulysses S. Grant
Portrait of Ulysses Grant

20th President of the United States
March 4, 1881 – March 4, 1885

Predecessor Samuel Jones Tilden
Successor George F. Edmunds
Vice-President James A. Garfield

18th President of the United States
March 4, 1869 – March 4, 1877

Predecessor Andrew Johnson
Successor Samuel Jones Tilden
Vice-President Schuyler Colfax (1869-1873)
Henry Wilson (1873-1875)
None (1875–1877)
Born April 27, 1822
Point Pleasant, Ohio, United States of America
Died July 23, 1885 (aged 63)
Wilton, New York, United States of America
Political Party Republican
Religion Methodism
Profession Soldier
Ulysses S. Grant (born Hiram Ulysses Grant; April 27, 1822 – July 23, 1885) was the 18th and 20th President of the United States following his success as military commander in the War of Southern Secession. He served on three non-consecutive terms (1869-1877; 1881-1885), making him the first president to be counted twice in the numbering of the presidents, and to serve more than two terms prior to the Twentieth Amendment.

Under Grant, the Union Army was able to defend the U.S. territories north of Mason-Dixon Line from the Confederate military. As president, Grant led the Radical Republicans in their effort during the Radical Reconstruction to rebuild country's economy that devastated by the war, eliminate slavery, protect African American citizenship, and enforce the civil right laws. In foreign policy, Grant sought to increase American trade and influence, while remaining at peace with the world. Grant has been consistently ranked by scholars and the public as one of the greatest U.S. presidents.