Ulrich I
Ulrich, Duke of Wurttemberg.JPG
Portrait of Ulrich I
1st Prince-Elector of Württemberg
Reign 1522 — present
Coronation 3rd February 1522
Predecessor Himself
(as King)
Heir Christoph
King of Württemberg
Reign 1519 — 1522
Coronation 7th June 1519
Predecessor Himself
(as Duke)
Successor Himself
(as Elector)
3rd Duke of Württemberg
Reign 1498 — 1519
Predecessor Eberhard II
Successor Himself
(as King)
Arch-Treasurer of the Holy Roman Empire
Tenure 1522 — present
Appointment 2nd February 1522
Spouse Sabina of Bavaria
Issue Princess Anna of Württemberg
Full name
Ulrich von Württemberg
House House of Württemberg
Father Henry, Count of Württemberg
Mother Elisabeth of Zweibrücken-Bitsch
Born 8th February 1487 (age 35)
Riquewihr, Alsace
Religion Holy Evangelical Church of Germany

Ulrich I (born 8th February 1487 in Alsace) is the current Prince-Elector of Württemberg, and is also serving as the Arch-Treasurer of the Holy Roman Empire. Ulrich is known for his strong Protestant leanings and hatred of the Catholic Church and the Pope, due to what he believes is the "corruption and heresy of the 'Holy' See." He is also a supporter of the secularisation of the Holy Roman Empire, its dissolution and then the subsequent establishment of a secular German Empire, excluding the Italian constituents of the old Empire.


  • 1487 — 1498: His Highness The Prince Ulrich of Württemberg
  • 1498 — 1519: His Serene Highness The Duke of Württemberg
  • 1519 — 1522: His Majesty The King of Württemberg
  • 1522 — present: His Serene Highness The Elector of Württemberg

His full title is His Serene Highness Ulrich von Württemberg, by the Grace of God Prince-Elector of the Electorate of Württemberg, Arch-Treasurer of the Holy Roman Empire, Lord of the City of Stuttgart and the Memelland, Protector of the Duchy of Burgundy and Prince-Bishopric of Basel. In German: Seine Durchlaucht Ulrich von Württemberg, durch die Gnade Gottes Kurfürst von Kurfürstentum Württemberg, Erzschatzmeister von Heiliges Römisches Reich, Herr von Stadt Stuttgart und Memelland, Beschützer von Herzogtum Burgund und Fürstbistum Basel.