Ulf Adelsohn af Solna

Ulf Adelsohn in recent years

Ulf Adelsohn af Solna is a former prime minister of Sweden. He was born 4 October 1941 in Stockholm, the son of Oskar Adelsohn af Solna (1894-1983) and his wife Margareta, née Halling (1907-1999). On his mother's side, Ulf Adelsohn is descended from Jacob Johan Anckarström, the murderer of King Gustavus III.

Adelsohn's father was born a commoner, but ennobled Adelsohn af Solna. The Adelsohn family is descended from Polish Jews, making Ulf Adelsohn the first and so far only Jewish-descended prime minister of Sweden.

He belonged to the National Conservative Party and succeeded Gösta Bohman as both chairman of that party and prime minister of Sweden 1981. He resigned 1986, and was succeeded by Carl Bildt.

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