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Map of 1991 Ukrainian Referendum (New Union)

Oblasts of the Ukraine based on their vote. For independence (green) and against independence (red). The Crimea mostly boycotted the vote.

An independence referendum was held in the Ukraine on December 1, 1991. By this time eight republics of the Soviet Union have declared support for remaining in the union, with six of the republics opting out of remaining in the union (all holding referendums a few months prior). The Ukraine was the most influential of the Soviet republics after Russia and was divided on the issue of remaining in the USSR or move towards independence.

The independence referendum resulted in a narrow majority of Ukrainians voting against independence, favoring instead to remain in the Soviet Union. Many residence in the autonomous republic of Crimea boycotted the vote, also stating their intention to remain a part of the Soviet Union if the Ukraine gained independence. Following the vote, the Ukrainian government confirmed their desire to remain in the Soviet Union, officially ratifying the New Union Treaty on January 13, 1992. The vote helped solidify the continuation of the Soviet Union and was the only referendum to return in support for the Union (excluding the several autonomous regions).