Ukrainian Soviet Republic
Украинская Советская Республика
Timeline: Rebuild (Map Game)
USR Flag Coat of arms of Ukrainian SSR
Flag of Ukraine Coat of Arms of Ukraine
Ukraine Rebuild
Location of Ukraine

Пролетарі всіх країн, єднайтеся! (Ukrainian)
("Workers of the world, Unite!")

Anthem "Державний гімн Української Радянської Соціалістичної Республіки"
Capital Kiev
Largest city Kiev
Other cities Kharkiv
  others Russian


Religion Communist Atheism
Ethnic Groups
  others Russian


Demonym Ukrainian
Government Soviet Republic
First Secretary Demyan Korotchenko
Head of Government Leonid Brezhnev
Area 642,546 km
Population 40,140,078 
Established November 15th, 2013
Currency Ukrainian Rubles
Time Zone Eastern European Time (UTC +2)
  summer Eastern European Summer Time (UTC +3)
Calling Code +7 03/04/05/06
 The Ukrainian Soviet Republic is a Soviet survivor state that has separated from the full of the Soviet Union. It is its own Soviet Socialist Republic, taking in parts of Russia, Poland, the whole of Moldova, and the Western Caucauses. It is the most powerful of the Soviet survivor states, being hit with only two nuclear weapons during the nuclear exchange of World War III, and only losing their capital to full destruction. It was heavily invested in by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of Russia in the 1950s lead-up before the Nuclear Exchange. 


Politics and Government

Administrative Division


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