Українська Народна Республіка
Ukrainian People's Republic
Flag of Ukrainian SSR (1919-1929).svg
1917–1921 Flag of Ukrainian SSR (1937-1949).svg
Flag of Ukraine.svg
Flag of Ukraine.svg Coat of Arms of UNR.svg
Flag State Emblem
Capital Kyiv
Capital-in-exile Washington, D.C. (1921-1946), Taipei (1946-1951)
Official language Ukrainian
Government Provisional government, Republic, Government in exile
President of Ukraine
 - 1917-1918 Mykhailo Hrushevskyi
 - 1918-1925 Directorate of Ukraine
 - 1926-1951 Andriy Livytskyi
Legislature Tsentralna Rada
Historical era Interwar period / World War II / Cold War
 - Republic founded 15 March 1917
 - Peace of Riga 18 March 1921
 - End of the Second Russian Civil War 19 November 1951
Currency Ukrainian karbovanets

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