The Ukrainian Campaign was the 2015 full-scale ground invasion of the former Soviet Republic of Ukraine by Russian and Belarusian military forces during the opening days of the Third World War.

Invasion of Ukraine

The War in Donbass escalated greatly as tensions between Russia and NATO worsened. On June 14, tens of thousands of Russian troops backed by armored vehicles, gunships, and fighter aircraft invaded Ukraine. The invasion force quickly joined with pro-Russian rebels currently fighting against Ukrainian government forces. Russian troops stationed in Crimea invaded from the south. Kiev and a number of Ukrainian military bases throughout the country were hit by airstrikes and cruise missile attacks. Within the two weeks of the war, the Russians had occupied all of Donbass as well as parts of Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Kherson Oblasts. Even though the Ukrainian military had a technological edge thanks to material support from the West, Russian-led CSTO forces held the numerical advantage and was gaining ground rapidly throughout eastern Ukraine. By mid-July, all surviving Ukrainian military forces were forced to withdraw west of the Dnieper River with the exception of Kiev. Ukrainian President Poroshenko, his family, and other key government officials were flown from Kiev to Lviv.

Battle of Kiev

Russian troops entered Kiev on July 18 and engaged in heavy urban combat against Ukrainian forces. Russian and Belarusian troops coordinate with an invasion from the north with the intention of cutting Kiev off from the rest of the country. While the Ukrainians weren't able to stop the Russian advancement into the city outright, they were able slow it down considerably. The resistance was so intense that the Russian General Staff ordered that veterans that fought during the Chechen Wars, particularly in Grozny, be deployed to Kiev for combat duty. Roughly two weeks into the battle, the Russian military had managed to secure all of Kiev on the eastern side of the Dnieper.

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