Ukrainian People's Republic
Українська Народня Республіка
Timeline: Russia Dominates the East
Flag of Ukraine
Flag of Ukraine
Anthem "Ще не вмерла Україна "
(and largest city)
Other cities Donetsk, Kharkov, Odessa
Language Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian
East Orthodoxy
  others Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam
Demonym Ukrainian
Government Parliamentary republic
Internet TLD .ur
Organizations United Nations, European Union

Ukrainian (Українська Народня Республіка), formally known as the Ukrainian Peoples' Republic, is a nation located in eastern Europe. It borders Belarus to the north, Crimea to the north, Russia to the north and east, Don to the southeast, and Poland to the west. It was the first true Ukrainian nation in history, as there had never been a real independent Ukrainian state pre-UPR. It is a stable democracy and has a decent economy despite being one of Europe's poorer nations.

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