Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
Timeline: Central Victory
Flag of Ukrainian SSR Coat of arms of Ukrainian SSR
Flag Seal
(and largest city)
Language Ukrainian and Russian
Religion Atheist
Government Socialist Republic
General Secretary of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin
Established 1931
Currency Russian Rubble

Role in the first world war

Ukraine was part of the Russian Empire. When Russia lost the war Germany tried to make it a puppet state and failed.

The Germans tried to put a German noble on the throne but the Ukrainian people wanted change, peace, and democracy.

Austria-Hungary was able to maintain its Ukrainian territory.

Interwar years

Ukraine was a thriving democracy for its early years but then became overrun by Soviet Spies who influenced events in Ukraine that made the people revolt against the democratic system.

With declaration of socialism in Ukraine the Soviet government jumped on the opportunity and made Ukraine a client state to the Soviet Union and then later had them join the Red Powers.


Location of Ukraine in 1938

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