One day November 23, 558 B.C. to be exact came a new empire, Evavo. The Evavics who came from the OTL Mediterranean and settled in OTL Tokyo. There were 742 Evavics as of 558 B.C. and the Japanese got along well with the Evavics but just 17 days later the emperor declared war on the - at that time - small country of Evavo. Thousands of Japanese hated this and became Evavics with a special initiation. The population swelled to 17,324 in that time. Of that population, 8766 were soldiers because they knew they were going to have a war with the Japanese and the war took affect December 25, 558 B.C. because the Evavics` religion was Christianity. If the Japanese had won Evavo War I Evavo would be gobbled up into Japan. On July 29, 556 B.C. Evavo War I ended. Evavo won. They got Japan.

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