Flag of Uganda

Uganda | Kingdom of Uganda | Ufalme wa Uganda (Swahili)

Capital: Kampala

Largest city: Kampala (1,659,606)

Official language: Swahili

Co-official language: English

Other languages: Indigenous minority languages

Religions: Protestant Christianity (45.3%), Catholic Christianity (44.5%), African traditional religion (6.2%), Others (1.6%), Non-religious (2.4%)

Demonym: Ugandan

Government: Constitutional monarchy | Unitary parliamentary

King: Muwenda Mutebi II

Prime Minister: Amama Mbabazi

Legislature: Parliament

Independence (from United Kingdom): October 9, 1962

Area: 155,646 sq km

Population (2013): 30,724,371

Currency: Ugandan shilling (UGX)

Internet TLD: .ug

History of Uganda


Pre-colonial Uganda

Bantu expansion

Early political systems

Kingdom of Uganda (since 14th century)

Colonial Uganda

British Protectorate of Uganda (1894–1962)


United Kingdom of Uganda (1962–1966)

First Obote period (1966–1971)

Nyabire's regime (1971–1979)

Interim period (1979–1981)

Second Obote period (1981–1985)

Military rule (1985–1986)

Museveni period (1986–1992)

Transitional government (1992–1993)

Restoration of the Monarchy (since 1993)

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