The Ufa Run was the name given to the continous supply of weapons, munitions and volunteers to first Sebastienite and later European Alliance forces in French Russia from Siberia during the French Civil War, which helped considerably improve Franco-Siberian relations post-1944. At its height, 2,000 Siberian volunteers were crossing the Urals per week, along with 10,000 tons of munitions produced in factories both in Siberia and in EA-held territory along the Ural's western slopes and in the Volga and Kama valleys.

The Ufa Run as well as other forms of Siberian support proved invaluable to the rebels in their earliest years, in particular during the recovery from the Prievnya campaign, and Sebastien rewarded Siberia by recognizing the communist government in Novosibirsk as the rightful government of the territories of Siberia in 1944, and later acknowledging Siberia as the home of the "government-in-exile" of the former Russian Empire, which ended Siberia's active claims on French territory and resulted in the 1986 official recognition of borders between the two nations, which ended over a century and a half of dispute over the ownership of Eastern Europe.

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